NASCAR Testing 😳

Our RV park is just a mile from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It’s been very quiet until today. At 8am the Next Generation Chevys started testing. We are not big racing fans but it made us smile to watch a live stream as we listened to the cars run!

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6 thoughts on “NASCAR Testing 😳

  1. Two years ago, Ash and I went to a light show at the track. We actually drove right through on the track, viewed the lights, and never even got out of the car. It was pretty cool! Glad you guys are finding some “easy” entertainment.

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    1. We might take in the light show ourselves. I saw some of them from the street as I traveled home from the hospital late each night the last week Warren was there. I’m glad you and Ash got to see them! 🎄❤️


  2. Warren is in a race (slow and steady) to get healthy and strong again. I know he wants that checkered flag. Keep moving and getting those lungs strong.

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  3. You had me fooled – thought it was going to say “Let’s Go Brandon”. I am so disappointed in you (🤣) and I bet if Warren had proofed the post, he would have change it!! Lol ❤️❤️


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