Smile ❤️

Warren has been through a type of hell this past month but the smile is back on his face. Today was a really good day of progress. Just little things like breathing a little better, walking steadier and being able to shave himself. Got some crazy hair going on there but we will tackle that another time. Happiness and optimism today that all will be well along and along.

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16 thoughts on “Smile ❤️

  1. Love seeing his face!! I read all your updates to Brad and we are so happy for the good progress! Keep doing what y’all are doing – it’s working! Prayers continue!!!


  2. Great news! Just remember the tortis wins the race. Little by little, don’t push to hard and end up back in that awful place.
    Hugs to you both 🤗


    1. It’s hard to persuade a rabbit to slow down 🐰 😂. He patiently tinkers on projects, he’s patient with me when I need that but for himself he is not. I read your comment to him and it got a big smile.


  3. So Happy for you both!!! You look good Warren. Yes.. slow…. steady…. patience… and then more patience… more slow…. more steady… always hope… always gratitude… Sending healing vibes and love! From both Buddy and I


    1. Bless him, patience with himself has never been his strong suit. He can hold my hand and wait on me when I have health issues but he has a hard time pacing himself as he heals. Thanks for your encouraging words and love ❤️🎄


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