Warren Update

Warren has had a rough week in hospital. The ups and downs of COVID can be exhausting. He has needed higher and higher levels of 02 and his spirits have fluctuated like a roller coaster. He has appreciated every text, prayer and good thought you send out on his behalf. Your support means the world to both of us. He still has a tremendous amount of lung inflammation but he has started tolerating some food. He even joked that his telemetry said he died 3x today. Just a loose lead but still, a joke! That’s progress. He shares with me some of the indignities of hospital life. He has never been a patient. I remain hopeful that he will leave that hospital and be able to finish recuperation at home where I can get on his last nerve 🤣 My faith is strong and I KNOW that God is in charge of this situation no matter the outcome. Placing my trust in His mighty power and love. ❤️

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

18 thoughts on “Warren Update

  1. Continued prayers for both of you. Praying especially for Warren’s complete healing. Everything is in God’s time. Stay strong in your faith. Much love. ❤️


  2. We are with you and will stay the course with all the support we can muster from the presence and strength of the Holy Spirit, always lifting Warren in constant prayers of petition. LOVE you. Charles🙂❤


  3. Hi Karene. Thank you for the updating. I’m praying for both of you. So scary. I’m happy you are near family that can assist you. Please tell Warren I’m thinking of him. Sending my love. Tammy



    1. Your prayers have meant so much to us. God sure was protecting us by having us close to Gabe when this happened. Gabe and I have really had some precious heart to hearts in our private time together. My cup overflows


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