Very Grateful

Just a quick post to get y’all up to speed on our situation. I find that this might be an easier way to reach several of you. Anyway, Warren and I both got sick with COVID on Nov 3rd. We were advised to self treat at home. I was improving after 10 days of misery but Warren’s breathing suddenly got worse this past Sat the 14th. He was admitted to hospital to combat COVID pneumonia. He is slowly making progress and his spirits are mostly good. He has appreciated all the love and prayers going out for him. He is being treated very well and has confidence in his medical staff. They are treating his COVID pneumonia aggressively.

I continue to feel a little better every day. Lots of fatigue and some cough still. Hoping to get a decent appetite back one day. Heck I needed to lose weight anyway 😊 This 20 lbs is a good start. We are parked in a convenient and safe place, close to our son and his family who are seeing to my every need. Soon this will be behind us and we can resume our travels. I miss sharing our little adventures with y’all. I’m grateful we were near family when this happened. God was looking out for these two old Nomads. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless each of you!

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13 thoughts on “Very Grateful

  1. This is a great way to keep us informed. Wow you lost 20 pounds over this mess. I am sure Warren has lost some pounds too. Once you get your appetite back, go eat! Prayers going out for both of you. We need to get Warren out of the hospital and back with you as soon as possible. From my understanding it can take several weeks before your breathing is back to normal. Stay strong, get your energy back, and keep us updated. Much love to you both! Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. I wish I could have talked easier last night when you called. Some hours this cough leaves me alone, then it doesn’t. We are going to kick this bug with lots of help and be back on our adventures soon I hope. I woke up this morning thinking that if I could get my hands on a Bojangles Egg Biscuit I might live! I drove myself there and back, didn’t run anyone down in my car either! I managed most of that wonderful biscuit and some sweet tea. My Goodness! I don’t even eat eggs and it tasted so good πŸ˜‚ Thank you for your love and prayers and happy thoughts!


  2. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry to hear that you and Warren have been stricken with Covid. So glad you are feeling a bit better and hope that Warren gets over his breathing issues soon. Thank God you were close to family to get the help you needed. Sending love and prayers to get y’all over this horrible illness…and back on the road again.


  3. I was wondering about you. We were out of the country for 10 days, so emails weren’t checked as frequently as usual. Charlie and I had Covid a couple of months ago. I had to get the infusion, but both of us are fine. Sincerely praying for your both. God is good. Lean on gis goodness. Xoxoxo Xoxoxo Xoxoxo


    1. Thank you for your love and prayers. Our family and friends have really bolstered our spirits during this. I couldn’t believe how awful COVID could make you feel and still survive 😣 Warren is still making progress. He is ready to leave these hospital days behind.


  4. Bruce and I are sending our best get well wishes to both of you. So glad you are near family for the extra help and emotional support. A big worry for us old nomads is getting sick on the road, so glad Warren has good medical care. Love to you both. ❀️


    1. We are beyond grateful that this happened here instead of on the road. We don’t plan to let fear rule us BUT health problems or accidents are always a chance. He had a rough morning but with a change in meds, it seems he is making some progress again. This disease can be 3 steps forward and 2 steps back


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