Cumberland Homestead Project

Part of Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” in the 1930s. It was very interesting to see one of the 100 “Homestead” projects across the country created to give a hand up to deserving people in need. This was not a welfare project but one where homesteaders created sweat equity through their hard work. The first museum is the project offices and water tower area with a film and many displays about the program and people. The second museum is one of the original houses. We lingered in the house museum, talking with Sue and imagining a life lived there. Over 200 of the original 250 stone houses and farms remain in the area.We drove around after our museum tours spotting them out along the beautiful rolling hills. Crossville TN.

Project offices and water tower museum
Beautiful Crabtree Orchard Stonework
Some of the men posed while building the tower
A couple miles down the road is an original home decorated with authentic items from the early 1930s
Don’t believe they would have placed a lamp here with the drapes above.
Cast Iron Sink
1930s style kitchen
Refrigerator still works!
Treadle Sewing Machine
Poke Bonnet
Dining Room
Shaving Mug
Bath products from the time period
So much skill
Little Boys wool suit
Child’s Chair and Spinning Wheel
Intricate pin cushion
A new friend Sue. She really brought the house tour to life since she grew up in the home of her grandparents who were original Cumberland homesteaders
A long goodbye like is only done in the South 😊

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