Sergeant Alvin York State Historic Park

It was a treasure to learn more than just the WWI hero story of this good man. His exploits during the a war were only a small portion of of his life. I had always admired the person I saw depicted by the film, Sergeant York, but visiting his home and valley gave me a fuller picture. I also purchased his diary and story in his own words at the Visitor Center where his general store once stood. His years after the war were spent providing for his large family, supporting the military during WWII and raising money through speaking engagements to improve the educational , spiritual and economic lives of the Tennessee Valley people he loved. Pall Mall, TN

Home and 370 acres gifted by the Tennessee Rotary Club in appreciation of his services. He refused to capitalize on his hero status when numerous offers for endorsements would have made him a wealthy man.
Front parlor
The military history Ranger gave us very detailed tour of the home and Alvin’s true story
Only a 3rd grade education but a very well read man. Over the bookcase in his study are portraits of Gracie and their first Baby on the left, Alvin in uniform on the right
Honeymoon portrait of Alvin and Miss Gracie
These beautiful floors had been covered in 1970s shag carpet when son George got a deal on it at a hotel sale 😁
Puff Ball Quilt weighs about 35 lbs. Early weighted blanket idea.
Grist Mill owned by Alvin and his brothers
Wolf River Church that Alvin attended all his life after years of drinking and hell raising. His Christian conversion as a young man changed the focus of his life
Alvin and Gracie rest side by side
Alvin and his mother Mary

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