Snakes Alive 😱

I was taking some pictures at Fort Donaldson to share here and found a cannon with an ideal viewpoint. I first got up real close to take a picture of the plaque then stepped away for a longshot. Warren approached a few minutes later and asked if I had seen the snake. What snake???? We went around to the front and got a video of this beautiful sleek Gray Rat Snake. When I went back to edit my earlier pictures, look what I saw! I never suspected that he was there! So much for my powers of observation. I was so intent on reading the plaque that I didn’t see the creature wound around it just inches from my face.

Never saw it! Not a zoomed picture either.
I stepped back to get this picture. Still never saw the very visible snake

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

4 thoughts on “Snakes Alive 😱

    1. That fellow kept sliding towards my feet and I kept backing up while I filmed. I still can’t believe we were just inches away face to face when I took the picture of the plaque on the cannon.


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