Hickory Bark Syrup?

I went into town to mail birthday cards to two dear Granddaughters and found myself in the middle of the Hunters Moon Festival. This tiny town of Grand Rivers has some good vibes. Seemed like half the county population was strolling the streets, shopping the craft area and stores , eating yummy fair food , visiting with friends, listening to mountain music and setting up chairs for the parade. I made a discovery at a bee keepers booth. Shagbark Hickory Syrup! The fellow said it was tasty used just like maple syrup but it has a smokey and different flavor. I’m going to use it as a baste for a salmon fillet for dinner tonight. Below is a link if you want to try making your own. Yes! It’s amateur friendly 👍


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4 thoughts on “Hickory Bark Syrup?

    1. Check out the link on that post. It doesn’t look hard. Sure is tasty. I expected it to taste like honey maybe but it has its own unique flavor. I’m going to try it on my Oatmeal in the morning.


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