Fort Donelson, TN

One of the decisive battles of The War Between the States occurred here on Valentines Day 1862. While strolling these beautiful green “hills” it’s hard to imagine they are actually the earthworks of an important fort on the Cumberland River guarding the approach to Nashville. Sad to know that all this beauty was covered in the blood of brother countrymen. 5 Union Navy Ironclads attacked the Confederate fort but were easily defeated. In turn the Union ground forces moved in from the rear and took over the fort. Ulysses S. Grant was the commander of those Union forces. I have attached 2 very interesting videos about the fort and battles.

Cannons awaiting the arrival of the Union Ironclads
Imagining the scene
War 😔
Such a beautiful view
One of many cabins
Handcrafted Shelter
About 400 of these small cabins and tents housed the Confederates
The Confederate Monument placed where many of the men were buried in a mass grave

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