Since we travel full time, I grocery shop at a different store each week. My last grocery trip I decided to use Walmart which I don’t do very often. I prefer to use the local small stores if possible. Seems like I get service with a smile even if I pay a little more. Often, at my “advanced age” , I am even offered help to the car 😉 Recently at the Carlyle, Illinois Walmart I pushed a full cart up to the front to check out. No cashiers! This is one of the stores that have changed to self service only. I use self service when I have a few items. One advantage was that I didn’t have to wait in line. The negatives with a large order are having to hunt for the UPC code locations on packaging to scan, key in produce codes, bag everything and then load everything back into the cart. Not a problem for me but I did notice an older couple struggling to use self service. A customer service representative did come to their assistance but it only seemed to add to their confusion. Surely Walmart can keep a couple cashier manned check outs available for people who need them? At a small hometown store, this same couple would have been greeted by name and had a pleasant experience at check out. 😢

Walmart Is looking to remove all cashiers from stores, going fully self checkout

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