Driveway Crinoid Hunt

I became fascinated with finding these fossils especially when I learned you can find them in mixed limestone gravel! I’m not talking about the pea gravel for planting beds or crush and run in some driveways. The type you want has a large number of various types of rock. Most of our campsites have a gravel driveway. In about 10 minutes this afternoon I found these specimens – never even leaving my chair! Watch the video link for more information on crinoid animals and their fossils.

Crinoid stem on the right
Various disarticulated fossil parts

Can you spot the piece with the fossil part?
Honeycomb Coral
Crinoid Column
Sea Urchin
Internal cast of ancient land snail
Fossilized Crinoid Stem
Crinoid Stem still attached to base plate

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