Devonian Fossil Gorge

Two old fossils out on a fossil hunt! A quarter mile from our campground is the site of a major flood below the dam that exposed a geological treasure. The remains of an ancient seabed was revealed with thousands of small sea creature fossils to view. We spotted Sea Lily Crinoids, Colonial Coral, Horn Corals, Hexagonaria Coral, and Brachiopods. Watch the video links for information about these early sea animals and plants and what you can scramble around to see for yourself. We had a blast making a thorough search of the area. Spectacular! If you aren’t physically able to walk over the rock ledges, there is an accessible walkway which has information and boulders with fossils in easy reach for all.

Life Is Good!
Seeing what we will find
Large fossil filled boulders along walkway
Look what I spied!
An old sea
Lots of creatures
We found lots of Crinoid animal parts… these are “stem” parts

Stem baseplate of a Sea Lily Crinoid
Such variety
Ledges of ancient seabed full of fossils
Stepping back in time

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