Amana Colonies🍎

Just outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We arrived for APFELFEST (apple fest) on a beautiful warm Fall day! German food, beer, arts & crafts, historic buildings, music and more. See the link for the history of the 7 villages and what to see and do if you visit the area. I’m including LOTS of photos for you armchair travelers ❤️ We greatly enjoyed our day learning about original commune of Amana who fled religious persecution in Germany.

History of the Seven Villages

Lunch at the Ronneburg was served family style and was good German farmhouse cooking
Mums everywhere
And a plethora of Zinnias
The original home of the leader of the believers who settled here in the mid 1800s
Getting in a nice long stroll after that huge lunch
Pumpkin Time
There were originally 50 communal kitchens in the 7 villages
Our tour guide is a native Amana resident. Her grandmother was one of the original settlers who came to Iowa as a 5 year old
The interiors of the churches are very serene and simply decorated. All of them are painted a peaceful blue. 3 churches are still in use for Sunday and a Wednesday services
Antique carpet runner in front of benches for the elder church leaders
Bavarian style
The Amana Wool Mill is the oldest continuously run mill in America
Lovely wool mill store
Wonderful sandstone and brick businesses and homes
We toured the remaining original communal kitchen which fed about 35 people 5 times a day
Large woodstove to keep the diners warm
Warren enjoying the tour
Wood fired oven
This ledger hung at the meat shop so they knew how many people were dining at the communal kitchens in Amana.
My official title 🤣
Hearty eating! I think this might be the “cotton soup”
More shopping
Translation? Anyone?

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