Aluminet Shade Cloth

Occasionally there are no shaded campsites available when I make advance reservations. If the sun is too strong, we have the option of attaching this awesome shade cloth. It cuts out 70 % of the sunlight but let’s a breeze blow through. Sure helps the AC run easier. This product was originally created for greenhouses. We bought 3 sizes with finished edges and grommets. We mostly used it out West but it has come in handy a few times in the Midwest. I have provided a link below if you are interested. Another beautiful waterfront spot on the Iowa River. Spend our time walking the camp loops for exercise and watching the Bald Eagles hunting over the river. Temperatures in the low 80s so perfect for shaded outside relaxation on our big awning side patio facing the river.–al70

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5 thoughts on “Aluminet Shade Cloth

  1. Yeah shade is great. I do almost the same thing when in the tent because when the fly is on there is no wind flow and hot as hell.


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