Fish Hatchery Tour

We were lucky to see the sign for the Rathbun Fish Hatchery just across the street from our campground. What an interesting tour! We viewed the huge tank room where the fish are spawned, eggs fertilized and fry are grown. I have included a link to tell you more about the process. They also have lots of mounted fish, an aquarium for up close viewing, a touch screen theater covering numerous fishing and hunting topics and a collection of vintage fishing gear. Outside are the large tanks and ponds for the fish as they grow to release size. Located at Moravia, Iowa on Rathbun Lake Dam and maintained by the DNR of Iowa. This 11,000 square mile lake is called “Iowa’s Ocean” Really beautiful to be camped on it’s shore.

Lobby with displays and information
Aeration pools
A couple dozen exterior pools to grow the fry to release size
Fry nursery. Climate controlled hatchery
Shortnose Gar
Albino Channel Catfish
Large Mouth Bass
Channel Catfish

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