Prairie Flower 🌸 Campground

When we arrive at a new site, Warren always checks the condition of the electrical outlet. The one at our site was fried! After contacting the park we were told that since it’s a holiday weekend there were no electricians available except for emergencies. They offered a new site which actually turned out to be a premium site and so much nicer than the original. 6 nights here will be a pleasure. We don’t get too bummed when things go wrong because so often they work out for our good.

Prairie Flower COE Campground, Johnston Iowa just northwest of Des Moines.

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4 thoughts on “Prairie Flower 🌸 Campground

  1. How does Warren check the electrical hookups to be sure they are safe before hooking up? Need to know for camping with horse.


    1. Here’s our routine:
      1.Make sure breakers are turned off before you plug or unplug your power cord
      2. Look at outlet to check for melted or burned areas where the blades of your plug go in outlet
      3. You should also see copper inside where the blades insert. This is where the plug contacts the outlet to provide a stable source of electricity. Buy some electrical contact cleaner and spray inside the openings on the outlet.often we have seen debris or insect leavings come out of those insertion points
      4. If all that looks good, plug in your cord and check that it fits snuggly. The faces of the plug and outlet should touch. A gap will cause arching.
      5. Turn the breaker to ON. The breaker should also click and not be sloppy or loose. A weak breaker may work but when it gets put under an electrical load it will pop off.
      Any of the above issues could cause electrical faults that can damage your power cord and your wiring to your camper. You have every right to ask the park to replace outlets and breakers. Sometimes they don’t have personnel or materials on hand and have to move us to a different site but usually they get right on it and make the repairs. You may not have a problem if one of these doesn’t fail but over time it will accumulate damage to your electrical system.
      Hope this helps!


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