Locks and Dams

We enjoy watching a river lock in action. This one in Genoa WI was a treat. After a nice dinner at The Great River Roadhouse we drove a couple miles up the road to see the lock. Luckily for us a 15 barge, 1200 foot long vessel was approaching the lock. From the observation area we got a good look at the operations. We have watched smaller craft go through locks but this was a first one of this size. Fun to chat with the crew too! There are 29 locks on the upper Mississippi River from St Paul to St Louis, carrying agricultural products south and equipment and materials north. The lock and dam system maintains a 9 foot deep channel needed for these large vessels.

Barge approaching as we arrived to the lock
Waiting for the water to drop and gates to open
They had to separate the barge in half to get it through the lock. The remainder will follow and reconnect outside the lock
This barge went on and on. Fun chat at the end with a crew member

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2 thoughts on “Locks and Dams

  1. That’s cool. I just found out that there is a bike route that parallels the Mississippi, some on road and some on trail. That’s for next year.


    1. Yes! We are traveling part of The Great River Road as we travel south. This part of WI is surprising with the huge bluffs along the road overlooking the Mississippi. You would enjoy the trip


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