A Quiet Place

A couple miles from our beautiful campground, I stopped at this little forest oasis on my way to the post office. About an acre of shrubs, flowers, benches, signs, paths and ponds to roam and reflect. What a lovely thing to do for your neighbors and visitors to the area. Try as I might, I couldn’t find any information on the couple who created this sweet spot. Than you Jim and Barb Plummer.

Ten Mile Lake. The most southern of Wisconsin Chain Of Lakes
Remember these?
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How adorable
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Ponds and koi
Cozy, cool and cute
I will drop off a couple books tomorrow
Gnome Home

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6 thoughts on “A Quiet Place

    1. It was a pure delight. We have seen little pocket gardens strolling through cities but never one that a family has created with such beauty and thoughtfulness. Birdsong and shade and a breeze made it perfect


    1. We are in the town of Chetek, WI. Just a 2 night stopover. I didn’t expect much in the area but the town is really cute with so much to enjoy. They were even having a huge waterski acrobat show last night but it got rained out. Certainly would be a lovely place to live especially if you like winter sports.


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