Solo Geocaching 🧭

While waiting on our clothes at the coin laundry, I searched for some caches close by. Pretty interesting locations including a train caboose, creepy cemetery mausoleum, and a fence line. A few days ago we found a Geocache at an antique road grader. I found 3 out of 4 today. Now back to that laundry.

Abandoned mausoleum at Woodbine Cemetery
Let’s peek inside
Glad the cache wasn’t 😱 in the crypt
Yes, please attach that cache 7 feet off the ground! I’m claiming it as a find even though I couldn’t reach it.
Not reaching my hand inside that post!
Magnetic button container hidden on all that metal! Warren found this one earlier in the week.
Tried to spy this tiny thing but ended up searching with our fingers all over that road equipment

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