Oscar-Zero Minuteman Missile Alert Facility

Today we had a tour of a Minute Man Missile Launch Site that was decommissioned as part of START I a bilateral treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union on the reduction and the limitation of strategic offensive arms. The treaty was signed on July 1991 and entered into force on December 1994. Located just north of Coopertown in eastern North Dakota. There are still 3 operational Alert Facilities with 150 missiles located in Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota. Included a couple links to tell you more.

There are two of these set ups with chairs running on rails. Monitoring and launch control area.
Above ground living quarters and offices looks so nondescript. You would never know what lies beneath
2 keys locked in box. Each set of officers had their own locks for the box. Changed at each 24 hour shift.
Launch Key pad
One of the missile officer’s mug
Teletype and Fax
Lots of switches, buttons and toggles
Warren checking things out with great interest
Heavy security doors
8 huge shock absorbing stabilizers in case of earthquake or other earth movement.
Going from launch building to equipment building
This facility is located at O. Near Coopertown on the map
Day Room
Recreation Room
Breakfast time
Meal choices
Sleeping quarters
Elevator took us 50 feet underground to the concrete control center and equipment building


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4 thoughts on “Oscar-Zero Minuteman Missile Alert Facility

  1. Very Interesting. Thanks for sharing! A long way to go for true strategic arms (nuclear weapons) mitigation and elimination worldwide. Go take a look at this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/VbN1Ucjxz58. Yours truly help put it together. đŸ™‚ Charles


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