National Buffalo Museum

Today we learned more about the American Bison and its ancestors. It was interesting to see White Cloud, a very rare true albino and pure buffalo who was part of the herd on the grounds from 1997 until she died a few years ago. She also gave birth to a male albino calf. Of course we took a picture with the “world’s largest Buffalo” a roadside attraction since 1959. We were happy to learn that the near extinct Buffalo now has a population of over 400,000 due to the efforts of conservationists and ranchers. Even when it seems that there may not be much to see in an area, we learn otherwise. The link below is a very good short video shown at the museum.

Pretty big beast
White Cloud
The white Buffalo was sacred to the Native People
Can run 49 mph
Timber Wolf can take down a weak or small Buffalo
Brown Bear is another predator of the buffalo
10,000 year old bison skull
1800s Buffalo coat

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2 thoughts on “National Buffalo Museum

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing. So good to know we have 400,000 of these wonderful animals now off the endangered list. / Charles


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