Sunflowers and Silos πŸŒ»

Missile silos that is! This has to be the most unusual place we have Geocached! We searched for a couple Geocaches after our tour of the Minute Man launch facility. One of the caches was located at November 33, a decommissioned missile site. It was very strange to see this weapon set down in the middle of acres of sunflowers. On the way out I spotted a mailbox along the sunflower field. “Be Sunny”! It was filled with packets of sunflower seed snacks to share with visitors. Oh my goodness, how it made me smile after the sobering tour of nuclear armaments. As a child of the 1950s-1960s, I well remember the fear as we school children practiced Atomic Bomb drills by covering our heads and climbing under our desks. 😒

My favorite flower 🌻
Sunny fields for miles
The door opened along that track
Sliding silo door
Not down the hatch. Just concrete and gravel down there
Where the heck is it? We finally found the nano sized capsule on the hinge of the big opening
Filled with sunflower seeds for snacking
Happy Camper!

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