Ashtabula Wind Farm

This windfarm near our campground is certainly a feature of the landscape. Set in miles and miles of corn, wheat and soybean fields, these giants take advantage of the almost constant wind on the prairie here. I have always wanted to see and hear one of these giant structures up close, so today I did! It was pretty cool to get up close but as I was standing underneath and filming, I got kind of anxious. Those blades are BIG!

At a cost of $400 million, one of the largest wind farms in North Dakota, Ashtabula Wind Farm covers more than 77 square miles and the 250 turbines generate enough power for 99,000 homes.

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7 thoughts on “Ashtabula Wind Farm

  1. Yeah mom they’re huge
    I’ve passed a few in my travels. Here in Vaughn workers are installing them now and no campgrounds are available but the church let us stay and charge.


      1. Yesterday was interesting. The roads down here in this area seem to go on and on but the views are fantastic.


  2. This is pretty cool. I’ve wanted to see one of these for a while. But… at $40,000 per house, it’ll take close to 30 years to pay for itself. Just me being a pessimist.


    1. Ha! This farm stretches for MILES! I was out on an errand and saw that there were unrestricted dirt roads to the base of each turbine. So, what the heck! I drove right up to the closest one. Kinda awesome and scary. They are huge!


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