Peace and Quiet

We settled in to our campsite on Lake Ashtabula. Soft breeze after a nice rain makes air so fresh and sweet. Only sounds are birds and our small wind-chime. Eggerts Landing, Valley City ND, another wonderful Army Corps campground. We will get out and explore in a couple days. But for now, just peace and quiet 💙

A couple weeks off the road.
Very private and large site backed up to a hill
The lake is just across from us
“Sunny” sure is a sweet little home
Our view until the 18th

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

3 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet

    1. The Army Corps parks in the northern states have electric only with fresh water fill up for your water tank. Most Army Corp Parks are very well designed and maintained. They are our first choice when planning a route. There are often a couple to choose from at each recreation area. This one Eggerts is the nicest on this lake. I try to read numerous reviews before choosing one.


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