Itasca State Park, MN

So many beautiful and interesting things to see at this lovely park. It will take us a few days to take it all in. Today we visited the extraordinary Jacob Brower Visitor Center with the best sort of displays. Then headed over to the historic Douglas Lodge for a lunch of Walleye Pike and blueberry pie. Then off on a long stroll down to the water to see the tour boat and the Old Timer’s Cabin. After that, a short drive over to Preacher’s Grove to see the huge pines this area is famous for. We saved several more places for another day. Sharing lots of photos with our Peeps 🌲

Where to start???? 😁 I highlighted points of interest in this beautiful park.
Wonderful displays in the visitor center
Interesting video about Indigenous People ice fishing
Early auto camping
Ice chest using block ice cut from the lake and sold at the park in the old days
Young CCC recruit. These young men built many of the early structures in the park.
Letter home
My thoughts exactly and LOTS of pictures
The CCC boys first log project!
Look at the size of those white pine logs!
Golly he is silly!
Some stair climbing today
We missed the last boat for the weekend 🙁
Would have been fun
Out to the lake
Red Baneberry along the bog trail to the cabin . Beautifully poisonous.
Walking along the wall at Preachers Grove that the CCC fellows built in 1937
Feeling small beneath these 300 year old Red Pine giants
There goes that boat we missed
Still as beautifully rustic as it was in 1905
That was fun!
2 cent postage dates this key as the 1930s
Warren found the blueprints of original park signage very interesting
Lady Slipper China and Menu from Douglas Lodge
Douglas Lodge Lobby
Douglas Lodge porch to rest a spell after our lunch
Douglas Lodge has been enjoyed by tourists for 116 years
He grabs a bag of Dots Pretzels anywhere we find them all over the country. He’s a happy man!

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