Waskish History

While out to find a Geocache, we enjoyed this charming history park in this little bitty hamlet. The Babin Cabin and the Waskish Post Office were open to view.

Wahwashkesh is from Ojibwa wâwâshkeshi  ‘deer’.
The new post office is almost identical to this old structure.
Only used 5 years
Original post slots
Sweet old card
Seems like only yesterday
I was in 5th grade 💔

Waskish post office was established in 1910, with Frank Lyons as first postmaster; Lyons erected the first building in 1902, a small log cabin that was a store, home, and eventually the post office, and he named the site Wahwaushkayshe, shortened to Washkish, and again to Waskish. This was a popular summer fishing area; the entire townsite was purchased by the state in 1934 because the Department of Conservation needed a portion of land where the Tamarack River empties into the lake for the purpose of netting pike and stripping spawn when the fish start their spring run.

Where to next?
Babin Cabin made of cedar that has lasted 100 years
Found the cache at the cabin
Small living but just what they needed
“Grace” the official Minnesota state photograph. See story below

The story behind Minnesota’s official state photograph

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4 thoughts on “Waskish History

  1. There were many cool places there to hide a geocache. I like the ones that are not in “wooded, boogery” places, covered in poison ivy, etc. 🙂 I found one the other day in downtown Concord NC – a magnetic one, which was a pretty easy one to find. Jill


    1. Yes! This was an excellent spot. We have been to some creepy, spidery places too! Once in Florida, Warren must have put his hand in some poisonous plant, rubbed his eye and it swelled up horribly. A couple trips to the doctor to resolve. Scary! It’s such a fun activity usually. So many creative people across the country hiding these caches


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