TikTok Tortilla 🥙

So yeah, we are probably behind on this trend but Holy Kale it looks so good! There are numerous videos on YouTube to give you ideas for combinations to try. Below is a link to 3 recipes that anyone would enjoy. Looks like I’m gonna have some fun in our RV kitchen testing different ones. Little bits of leftovers can turn into a tasty, crunchy tortilla triangle. You can do dessert ones also. I had makings for a pizza style for tonight….. YUM!

Sautéed mushrooms, green peppers, onions, vegan cheese, pizza sauce, pesto and veggie bacon.
Doesn’t really need oil or butter to brown so next time, I leave it out
Like a “pizza pocket” but so much tastier

Update: today I saw an Asian version using Nori sheets and your favorite sushi ingredients! Much easier than sushi rolls. https://youtu.be/tteZK7mb4FY

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