Big Bog ๐Ÿ“ธ

Of course we chose a sweltering hot and humid day to hike the boardwalk into the bog. We have acclimated to chilly weather so 88 feels like an oven ๐Ÿ˜ The bog is beautiful and all the Pitcher Plants the last 1/4 mile made it worth the effort. See the link at the end for more about this unique wilderness

Pitcher Plants full of water
Look at her, all excited!
The boardwalk itself was also a cool thing to see
Longest boardwalk in the country at 1 mile out into the bog
Tamarac Trees
Black Spruce
Pitcher Plants in abundance growing out of the moss
The bog is 70 miles from east to west
Pitcher plant blossoms
The Pitcher Plants provide beautiful spots of color against all that green
My Honey, getting a close up of a flower for me
Up close
Keep on Girlie!
At the end of the boardwalk, then time to head back
So glad to see the entrance again. Shower time!

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

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