Logging Camp 1900 🪵

We learned so much about logging at this living history museum. It felt like we had time traveled back to 1900. So glad we had this excellent place on our calendar. Be sure to watch the video at the link below the pictures. Grand Rapids, MN

Mark and “Jack” gave us a great demonstration for over an hour
Huge 50 foot long bunkhouse. Each building was very authentically furnished
Warren checking out the bunkhouse.
Double bunk beds for 76 men in each bunkhouse. Pole to divide if you didn’t want to snuggle 😉
The evenings were time for music and conversation, stories and sleep
Imagine how these steaming dirty socks must have smelled. Not washed, just hung to dry
Clean up area at the end of a long day. No baths, just sponging off.
Lots of notices and newspaper clippings on the bunkhouse walls
The latrine could accommodate 10 men 😜
Love the nicknames of various foods. Lots and lots of food was vital.
Three long tables in the cooks shack with assigned spaces depending on your job in the camp
The Filers shop to keep saws and axes sharp
Wagon used to supply water to built ice roads
Device used to dig ditches that were filed with water to freeze for the lumber sleds to glide over
Blacksmith for equipment repairs and shoeing horses
So lush and green but not in the winter when these camps were in operation
There are no longer this size of trees to harvest
Bateau used to transport men on the river during log drives
Device used to make stacks of logs

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