Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

The only way to get the full picture of this national park is by boat or kayak. We took a cruise along the coastline that provided access to these stunning formations. The rocks and water changed colors as clouds floated past the sun. It was pretty dang chilly up top on the boat but well worth the discomfort. The colors were more vibrant than I could capture. I only included a few pictures here. Y’all need to visit this place. Lake Superior is spectacular!

The sea so green!
Cold but happy
Our informative and skilled pilot
Stunning rock formations
Lots of caves
Chapel Cove… Heading inside!
Could almost touch the side of Chapel Cove as we entered
Looking up inside Chapel Cove
Kayak tours also available, they take you out and back
Probably 100 kayakers out on the water today
Our boat was able to get pretty close in some places
The pine tree is nourished by roots that reach over to the mainland!
Miners Castle. See the tiny hikers on the platform?


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