Manistique Water Tower

Probably the prettiest water tower we have seen on our travels. The brick structure cover a 200,000 gallon tank near the Indian River just above Lake Michigan. I was out doing laundry and stopped to take a couple pictures of it and the little red farmhouse beside it.


The structure is 137 ft. 6 in. high from the base of the foundation to the top of the stack and rests on solid rock.
It is 38 ft. wide on the outside and 33 ft. wide inside. Theoutside wall is built octagonal in shape but the inside wall
is made with sixteen sides in order to provide greaterrigidity and heavier wall sections at the eight exterior
corners upon which the entire load of the steel storage tank is carried.

Foundation is concrete, lower section of the tower brick with Bedford limestone trim, and the upper section brick
with a concrete cornice cast in place.

Storage tank is 44 ft. high, 30 ft. in diameter and has a capacity of 200,000 gallons.

350 cubic yard of concrete were used in the foundation and 210 cu. yard were used in the ornamental top which is 18 ft.high, and has a cornice which projects 38 in. out from the wall. To complete the mason work, 341,000 brick, and 3000cu.ft. of Bedford stone were used, and all mason work had to be done from the outside scaffold as the space between the tank
and the brick was only 18 in. wide.

Alvord, Burdick & Howson were the designing engineers and the architectural design was by B.A. Mattson, Chicago, Ill.General contractor was Friedolf Danielson, Manistique MI.,who finished the job without a single accident.

Compiled- by Florence 'Alex' Meron C.G.R.S,
Schoolcraft County Historian --1988

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