Michilimackinac Island 💙

Not a single disappointment on our “Big Turtle ” visit. Speedy and fun Star Line Hydro Jet Catamaran Ferry trip with the wind in our hair. Wonderfully entertaining carriage ride all over the island to see the highlights. Beautiful stroll down main street to see the gorgeous historic homes. A tasty lunch at The Watercolor Cafe. Then a quick pace through the very busy gift shop section. Lots of green spaces for people to relax on the grass. Great fun watching the ferry boats whizzing people back and forth to the mainland. Everyone was thoroughly enjoying the sunshine on a comfortably mild day. Way too many pictures but enjoy! By the way, we will return. We didn’t visit the fort or go inside the churches and a couple other places. Another trip up to Mackinac Island for sure in a couple years. Tap on each picture for a full view.

I HAD to include this goofy selfie
Blooms all over the island. Feast for the eyes
The Grand Hotel! It costs a bundle to stay. https://www.michigan.org/article/trip-idea/things-might-not-know-mackinac-island-grand-hotel
Arch Rock with breath taking view
What a sight as we stroll down the hill
Look up from your phone Kaitlyn at that lovely church 😉
The Grand Hotel Stables were immaculate
View from Arch Rock
A couple thousand bikes line the roads
Our carriage awaits!

Mackinac Island: From Past to Present

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