Mission Point Lighthouse

We had a fine time visiting the lighthouse on the peninsula in Grand Traverse Bay. So many vineyards and cherry orchards along the drive made it beautiful. Not a tall lighthouse but plenty useful back in the day. We enjoyed learning about Sara Lane, a lighthouse keeper in the late 1800s.

A little geography lesson
Love lighthouses ❤️
So happy together
Down the ladder!
Trying out a couple knots
Fresnal Lense
My kind of place ❤️

Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

4 thoughts on “Mission Point Lighthouse

  1. This entire trip is the trip of a lifetime. My goodness…the memories for me are too numerous to remember! Xoxoxo


    1. We see SO much! Never know what all until we get to an area and talk to the locals or Google it for ideas. We have several goals but find so much cool stuff along the way


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