Shower Style 🧡

We are particular about campground shower houses. It’s nice when they are sparkly clean and critter free. This kid won’t use one unless we have searched out every hiding place they might wait on her.

Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

3 thoughts on “Shower Style 🧡

  1. She knows, she’s camping right? Most if not all those critters won’t hurt her. I think it’s she would flip out if she would have seen some of my shower places. Ha. Put her in a tent for a night.


    1. We have to laugh! She was so worked up about Black Flies that even a house fly sent her into orbit. Loves her some butterflies though. Your Pop and I once had the pleasure of showering in a stall with centipedes all over the walls 😜


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