Turtle Talk

Chain O’ Lakes State Park in Albion IN. The camppground of almost 400 sites is at capacity. Nicely warm but pretty steamy. Glad for our climate controlled tiny home after we take in the nature programs and other activities. The park naturalist presented a very informative talk on Box Turtles. 2 facts we learned: a broken shell can often heal with care and always place a turtle in the same direction it was going if you rescue one off the road. We think Kaitlyn expected the activity to be lame but she and a group of sisters hit it off and even lingered after the talk. They are from a family of 10 adopted children who RVed full time when there were fewer of them and now live in Texas on a farm and own many different kinds of animals for pets. We meet the most interesting people! Kaitlyn went with kindergarten style art 🐢

Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

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