Tanglewood Ruins

Out doing laundry and spied this structure across the street next door to a nice library branch. Beautiful old ruins. It’s pleasant and interesting to imagine the lives of the families who lived there over the years.

In 1860, John Baylis Earle Sloan and his wife, Mollie Seaborne Sloan, established a home that became known as Tanglewood.

The columns and the ruins seen today are all that remain of the site, which was first destroyed by fire in 1908. It was a piedmont plantation-style house, resting on tall piers and having large rooms.

The family re-built the home as a classical colonial mansion in 1910, reusing the columns in the portico. Tanglewood stayed in the Sloan family for many years, until it was sold in 1950’s. The building again burned to the ground in 1970.

In 2004, funds were allocated by the Anderson County Council for the construction of a new Pendleton branch library of the Anderson County Library System. The Tanglewood property was purchased after negotiations with owners John and Suzanne Morse. Groundbreaking for the library took place on December 17, 2004.

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