Providence Canyon

Near Lumpkin Georgia, a scenic canyon was started due to poor farming practices by early settlers. Nature took over from there as water has gradually cut through forming canyons up to 150 foot deep. While this is no Zion National Park by any means, it does make a great hike down to the creek floor with colorful walls stretching up high above you. We started at the visitor center, headed down the steep trail to canyons 4 and 5 which have the most rewarding views. There are numerous other canyons if you want to make an entire day of it. The rim hike allows you to see the sights from above without having to work so hard 😁 We toughed it out and were glad we did. For younger and fitter folks, this would be a walk in the park. We enjoyed chatting with other seniors as we struggled back up to the top.

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8 thoughts on “Providence Canyon

  1. I love that place. We call it the “Little Grand Canyon”. By the way, there are several geocaches on the floor of the canyon but I was only able to find one. 🙂


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