Recipe for Trouble πŸŠ

Our camping neighbor hauled this out of his truck for his youngster. I sure hope they don’t really plan to enter the water. The warning sign is just on the other side of the tree at the creek bank. And yes, there is evidence of gators in the water.

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2 thoughts on “Recipe for Trouble πŸŠ

  1. Are you at Lakepoint State Park campground? Sam is from Georgetown, GA , right across the Lake George bridge from Eufaula, also has relatives in Eufaula. We have a family reunion every year at Lakepoint SP, we rent a cabin for the weekend. Did not know about Thelma’s Kitchen so will have to check it out. Enjoy!


    1. We are camped at Cotton Hill on the east side of the lake. We passed right through Georgetown to get to Thelmas. You would really enjoy that place. We will have to consider Lakepoint SP for a future camp. We move just across the lake to AL tomorrow. I toured the Eufaula Historic Homes district yesterday. Wow! What gorgeous houses!


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