So my blood pressure was a bit high when I had my last physical. It has never been high before. My doctor (of the past 15 years ) doesn’t even ask about my salt intake, amount of exercise, stress levels, nutrition or comment on my overweight. I was actually upset about a family issue during this time, which I’m sure had raised my blood pressure. All she does is prescribe medication. I know hypertension is serious so I complied for several months. In the meantime, I do some research and find all kinds of ways to naturally lower the numbers. (See the link below photo) After only 3 weeks of low salt and exercise changes and no medication my blood pressure is consistently in the very good low range. I understand that doctors don’t think all patients will make necessary lifestyle changes but some of us will. Medication was totally unnecessary for me. So glad I was alerted to the hypertension but so sad she didn’t even suggest a natural method first.

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    1. 6 years ago to put Ulcerative Colitis into remission by going whole food plant based. I plan to control blood pressure naturally also. I’m aware that medication is needed in some cases but not all. Thanks for your encouragement!


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