Saint Marks Lighthouse

We spent the afternoon on this cloudy, breezy and chilly day walking along the shore at Apalache Bay on the Gulf Coast. St Marks is beautiful national wildlife refuge with numerous trails. Lots of birdwatchers out with cameras. We saw a Bald Eagle and a variety of waterfowl. Some huge pelicans flew by a couple times but I was too slow with my camera.

Birds Eye view from the Web

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4 thoughts on “Saint Marks Lighthouse

  1. That is so pretty!! We’ll need to add this one to our list.

    We saw a bald eagle driving towards the panhandle yesterday… it was right next to the road, on a branch about 20 feet up. It was eyeing something on the ground. Growing up in the pacific northwest, I’ve been blessed to watch these birds many, many times…. but the kiddos were extra thrilled to see it :o)


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