RV Valances Done ✅

Why oh why do RV manufacturers stick with beige and brown, gray and black for decor? I guess so that you can have the satisfaction of changing it out. The original valance and dinette upholstery was this dark design that just didn’t go with our “Happy Place”. I recovered the valances with a light tweed of almond and aqua. So much brighter even on this rainy day.

No brown! Might add a aqua ball fringe for some Pop 💥
Valance was okay but not what I wanted
Tiny tweed more to my liking
Flooring finished!
Old bedroom valance
Lighter look

Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

16 thoughts on “RV Valances Done ✅

    1. It would take a much younger couple 🤣 We move like a couple 70 year olds… I wonder why? HA! There are several You Tube channels that do that and they create some great looking spaces.


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