Mini Sewing

I have a couple sewing projects in mind for this week. My wee little machine should do the job. We will see πŸ˜‰ Only $30 on Amazon. My test sewing went well so it might be a handy gadget for RV living. Loving the new bright colors and Retro vibe 🧑

Works like a charm!
Completed 🧑 The curtain separates the driving cab area from the living area. There is a guest loft above the driver’s seats.

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

11 thoughts on “Mini Sewing

  1. All the things you have done in the camper look super great. It is always nice to make the place you live the way you want it to be. You both have alot of talent for sure. God Bless & Protect Both Always


    1. I ordered 3 nice fabric shower curtains from Amazon. Warren hung a steel rod across in front of the original curtain hardware of the loft area. We used metal shower rings with the ball bearing type rollers. These glide easily. I had to add fabric to the bottom of the 2 shower curtains to reach the floor. I just cut up the 3rd curtain and matched the print. One day, I will add some trim to cover the seam. They are so much nicer than those dinky short curtains that come with the RV. I like that we can close off the driving area. Feels like a little apartment instead of a truck. I will send you some pictures by text.


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