Adding the Pop ðŸ’¥

I’m having a big time thrifting small treasures for our new decor.

Thrifted aluminum tumbler and craft store berries and balls for wall art
Thrifted tumblers, need a turquoise one
Melamine dinner plates… Also thrifted
Our homemade versions of Atomic Lamp and Retro Ball Clock and thrifted ceramic fruit bowl
Warren’s 3D vase
More retro kitchen gear

Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

7 thoughts on “Adding the Pop ðŸ’¥

    1. It’s a fun work in progress. My retro circles fabric and the mini sewing machine were delivered so as soon as we put the final touches on the floor trim, I can get to work on valances and curtains.


    1. We got some comments and smiles as we went back and forth to the picnic table we used as a work shop. We were careful not annoy to the other Campers with our construction. We look like a regular RV outside but inside it is becoming the 1950s or our fun version.


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