Have Mercy 🤣

Too old people up and down from the floor all day to install new flooring in their tiny home on wheels. Bless our hearts ❤️ The flooring is looking great and I will post pictures of the final project when we clear out all the tools and hardware covering every surface. We are taking it a section at a time since we have to live in it as we work. Today, we hope to finish the trim work in the main lounge/ kitchen area. A day or two of rest and then tackle the bedroom and bathroom. The raised section on the right is our slide out.

Sunlight streaming in on our work in progress.
Almost done with main room. Dinette table moved into new position

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4 thoughts on “Have Mercy 🤣

  1. That looks beautiful! When you are done come on out to show us. 😉. Now that we have a hard surface floor we have to put a thin rug down when operating the slide so we don’t scratch it as it does touch in two little spots.


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