Chalet Suzanne ⛪

Once a premier hideaway for movie stars, wealthy aviators and other famous people, this fairytale like property will soon have a new use. My brother, Paul, met the property owner at church and their conversations led to their mutual vision for a spiritually based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. The owner has held on to the property in hopes that one day the time would be right and the people would come in play to use this beautiful Florida paradise for good. I have provided a link to Chalet Suzanne’s history below. Presently, the quaint rooms are being refurbished to provide living quarters for on site staff including Paul and Neva. My Mama will also have an adjoining bedroom , sitting room and bath in their home. With lots of hard work and a showering of God’s blessings, the new life for this historic place will help others to a new life as Refuge on The Ridge in Lake Wales, Florida.

This video was filmed about 10 years ago before the business closed.

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2 thoughts on “Chalet Suzanne ⛪

  1. Great project/ program. I wish them well. Spiritual based rehab…they may be interested in Compassion Integrity Training as part of their program….learning self compassion skills…compassion for others skills,, and how to deal with systems skills….10 skills, 1 per week for 10 weeks 2 hours each week. You can actually do it on line… for information.


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