Stephen Foster Cultural State Park, White Springs FL

The first week on the road in December 2017 we got to see this park in the glory of a huge ice storm!  This year… Shirts sleeves and sunshine.

The carillon bell tower plays Stephen Foster music 4 times each day.

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Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

2 thoughts on “Stephen Foster Cultural State Park, White Springs FL

  1. I so miss trying to keep up with yall’s travels…I enjoyed the FB post…I keep forgetting to log in on this blog…hope u and Warren have a beautiful Christmas season…tell mom I send my love…be safe


    1. Hello My Dear! I was hoping that you would keep following us. I know that FB is super easy but once you start using this platform, it’s also easy. If you will add by blog as a homescreen icon, then it’s just like tapping on FB. Only it goes straight to us. We are enjoying a somewhat tropical winter this year instead of the desert and red rocks of the southwest. It’s all lovely though. We will ses Mama over Christmas week. I will give her your love. ❤️ Y’all stay safe and know you are missed


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