4 thoughts on “Little Tallapoosa Park

  1. WooHoo…my tech guy at work just fixed it where I can respond to your posts. Our “fire wall” has been blocking me from being able to respond while at work. How long are you guys going to be at Tallapoosa site? Addie and Sean are camping at Tanner’s Beach starting on Saturday – they could not get a spot at Tallapoosa. Ash is flying in on Friday as Don’s birthday is on Saturday. I would love to see you guys and bring Hayes by to see you.

    Let me know what your schedule looks like – I would not want to interfere in activities with Josh and his family. I sure wish Addie and Sean could have gotten a spot at Tallapoosa also.


    1. Well Hello! I’m so glad you can get through to me now 😁 we will be here until the 28th. Josh, Kami and Lucy are camping here all of next week. Maybe y’all could come out for a visit anytime next week. We want to see everyone! Just let me know a good day and we can put it on our calendar. This is a great park. So well maintained and nice. I had to book way ahead to get these 2 weeks. See you next week!


      1. Yes, I will talk with Addie when they get here and let you know. They are in Pine Mountain with Sean’s family right now, but will be taking Sean’s parents’ Airstream to Tanner’s Beach to stay on Saturday – we just do not have enough room for them. Enjoy your visit and I will get back with you.


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