Roofing Nails and Tires 😭

Driving to dinner at a friend’s house a couple days ago and ran over a pile of roofing nails that had fallen off a truck, we guess. An entire box was across our lane. We didn’t recognize what they were until too late. Tires on the passenger side impaled! The Discount Tire was able to repair punctures in one tire but we needed to replace the other. Sure wish people would secure their loads.

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12 thoughts on “Roofing Nails and Tires 😭

  1. Sorry to hear about the flat tire event ! ☹️☹️ That can ruin a good day. Glad to hear that assistance was available and handled the situation !


  2. Oh Lord! Our neighbor drove over those and had to have 3 new tires!!! She drove over them at 8 am Saturday morning. How in the world did we miss them???? She posted on facebook.. maybe you can see her post.. Wanda Puckett


    1. We didn’t realize what we had run over on our way to your house until we were loading up our car to the RV to head down to Concord on Friday morning. It looked like a box of green pellets or something. If we had known, we would have stopped and picked them all up. I wonder how many others had their tires destroyed?


  3. Here is what she said: To the Jerkface on cattlemans road that lost a tub of nails yesterday evening you cost me three new tires! Grrrr!


  4. Roofing nails are all over the place here in Lake Charles, LA. Do to the hurricane’s, a lot of roofs are being repaired. I try not to go any where too much.
    Glad ya’ll got it fixed!!


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