You Never Know 🤣

Even though we have camped at this park several times, we usually get the same good site each year. Now in 2020 EVERYONE is camping and our site wasn’t available. We ended up with this weird shared site. The reservation system and map don’t correctly describe what you get. Once we got the other camper to move his stuff off our side, we were able to park way to the back and make it work. On the plus side, the other young couple and their child are very nice. Tomorrow, I will do some leaf blowing to clean the site up. COVID has affected camping with lack of maintenance to our favorite park in NC.

Published by karenebarker

Free Range Human traveling North America by RV with her Beloved

6 thoughts on “You Never Know 🤣

    1. This so unusual for Army Corp campground. Once we got settled, our side is just fine. We have a view of woods and lake with no one on that side. The poor folks who are in the other site just get to see the side of our RV.


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