Indian Point at Table Rock Lake, Branson MO

LOTS of shows and entertainment in the area but we are just going to hang out on the lake and people watch. Crowded music shows are not our thing and especially during a pandemic. Can’t see that it would be much fun wearing a mask for a couple hours to watch a show. The Ozark Mountains are really beautiful!

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10 thoughts on “Indian Point at Table Rock Lake, Branson MO

  1. Brad and I spent a lot of time at Table Rock Lake. His parents had a house on the lake there so we did a lot of waterskiing there! Beautiful place and we would go into Branson for dinner sometimes! That was a long time ago so I am sure it’s changed! Have fun!


    1. It’s just too touristy for us in Branson. The water and trees colors are really nice and the campground spot has a good lakeview. It’s fun watching the boats and the temperature is perfect. No complaints!


  2. We actually went to Branson Mo last year. Went to the out door play, Sheppards on the Hill and saw the show Sampson. So good. We also went to Dogwood canyon Nature park. Absolutely beautiful and lots of history. We rode the trolley thru so we got to see more than you can if you hike or bike.


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